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Top 5 Reasons to Do Your Own Hair and Makeup for Your Wedding

Hey y’all, welcome back! Today I decided to share why I chose to do my own hair and makeup for my wedding, because I think in the wedding bliss (and frenzy) brides can often feel pressured into overspending and making quick decisions for the sake of the day and sometimes end up with a look that is totally different than what they had imagined for themselves. Before we get started, this list is with the assumption that: A. You are confident in your abilities to create the look you want, and B. This is something would provide stress-relief, not additional anxiety.

  1. Time for Yourself & Your Bridesmaids | No matter what your big day’s itinerary is like, time to yourself to decompress, breathe it all in, or simply just take a minute to calm the nerves, is very limited. In growing and learning more about my personality, I have found that I am an outgoing-introvert; which for me means that although I love getting to know people and going to events, extended social interactions can be very draining. Some people thrive off of others’ energy. Although I totally wish I could be, I am simply not one of those people. In knowing that, and preparing to be one of the main focuses of over three-hundred peoples’ attentions, I had to stay super chill the morning of our 3 p.m. wedding. I did my makeup alone at my house before joining my bridesmaids at our church to finish my hair. It was such a fun way to kick off a day full of celebrations with the people I love the most. Reflecting back on how relaxing it was to go through this routine and truly soak in the start of the day, I am so glad I chose to do my own hair and makeup. 
  2. One Less Person to Coordinate | As I mentioned in this postunforeseen things do come up, and unfortunately people seem to always get sick or lost at the worst times. Between coordinating the wedding party, your own family, your spouse’s family, and all of the other event dealers (caterers, musicians, dj, photographer, etc.) there are already quite a lot of variables at play. Hair and makeup is such an easy one to take out of the mix.
  3. No One Else Knows You Better | Before I decided to do my own, I was adamant about having someone else do it and take what I thought would be a stressful factor off of me. My mom and I went to four different hair salons (a lot, I know..), and tested out two makeup artists. Even with sharing pictures beforehand, the look I had pictured wasn’t happening, and the style would become limp and fall within the following hour. No one knows your hair or your vision of what you want it to look like better than you do.  If, after testing it out a few times, you still aren’t seeing what you’re trying to describe, take an hour or so out of your afternoon one day and see what you can do. You very well might surprise yourself.
  4. Big Budget Saver | Aside from the costs of the day-of services, trial runs can be pretty pricey too. For the majority of the salons I tried out, the bridal trial run fee was between $55 and $75. If the outcome isn’t what you’re picturing and you keep attempting it with other stylists, those initial fees can add up surprisingly fast, and you haven’t even gotten to the big day yet.
  5. Flexibility | Since the trial run fees can get pretty steep, most brides end up only having that one session with their artists before the wedding. But what if you change your mind a few weeks before, or even that morning? Of course, stylists and artists can adjust, but the possibility of a last minute change of mind that they haven’t had the chance to do with you reopens the potential issue in Reason #3. Whereas if you’re doing your own, the complications from changes are minimized.  Not feeling the shimmery eye you’ve been doing, and want to go for a light smokey instead? Do it girl. Want to wear your hair down instead of up? No biggie, you’ve practiced other options, and you know what works for you.

No matter what you choose to do, be confident in your decision and know you are beautiful inside and out!







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