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Spring Update Home Office Tour

| Marble & Gold Tray | Glass Pineapple | Laptop Stand | Laptop Case | Wireless Keyboard, Mouse & Pad | Linen Office Chair |  Lamp Dupes | Chalk-Painted Desk Tutorial |

| Linen Storage Bench |  Gold Leopard Pillows | Slay Girl Pillow |


 | Mirror Dupe | Louboutin PumpsSunnies Organizer |Valentino Flats  |

| Marble & Gold Tray | Glass Pineapple | Laptop Stand | Laptop Case | Wireless Keyboard, Mouse & Pad | Linen Office Chair |  Lamp Dupes | Chalk-Painted Desk Tutorial | Mirror Dupe | Louboutin PumpsSunnies Organizer |Valentino Flats  | Linen Storage Bench |  Gold Leopard Pillows | Slay Girl Pillow | Blue-Gray Tufted Pouf | Sheepskin Rug |

I am constantly updating and restyling the DIY Marble and Gold Ikea Hyllis Shelves  & love how versatile they’ve been in this space. One of my favorite things to do when seasons change is to move furniture and decor around to freshen up the room. Since I spend the majority (only 98%) of my day in my home office, that’s usually the place that gets the spring treatment first 🙂


Do you have any favorite traditions for the start of Spring and Summer seasons? I would love to hear them!

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Neutral Master Bedroom Preview

Hey y’all, and welcome back! Posts have been a little delayed here lately due to the move, but I’m excited to get everything back on track. So, today’s post is a tiny preview of our new master bedroom. We have finally upgraded from a queen-size bed to a king, and I could not be more pumped. Aside from the extra space, the tufted headboard is really what has my heart. All details are linked below 🙂

Interested in one of the featured details? Click any of the following for its respective link and/or dupe:

Headboard;    Lamps (Less Expensive Dupes Available Here);     Duvet Cover Set with Shams; Duvet;      Ruffled Bed Skirt;    Large Throw Pillows (Original no longer available, but similar dupes available Here, Here, and Here);   Monogrammed Gold Pillow;    Faux Fur Throw Blanket (Original unavailable, dupe Here)


*See Our About Page for Blonde Boss Babe’s Affiliate Link Policy and Disclosure Statement.


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7 Things You Must Do Before Listing

So, you’re thinking about listing your home, congrats! Moving is a huge step and at times, a crazy process. There are plenty of tips and how-to guides available to get you started, but here are 7 details that will hopefully help as well:

1. Start the packing process now. Like yesterday.

It’s amazing how much stuff we don’t think we have. Truly. Now, this is coming from someone who already knows how much stuff I have (a lot.) BUT to be fair, I thought I had already purged a great deal of it. I was wrong. Aside from clothes, which is an entire issue on its own, I hoard decor. Hobby Lobby is my worldly version of Heaven, as is Pottery Barn. So you can imagine when we began the packing process how many unnecessary, yet extremely breakable items needed to be temporarily removed. Moral of the story, pack as much as you can from every part of your home. It’s amazing how many things you can live without, and it makes such a difference when you begin to stage.

2. Label. Label. Label.

Whatever floats your boat here, as long as you know what is where in your home. This is exactly why I love Sterilite bins; you can see exactly what’s in them, but you can also tape labels to them without damaging the plastic.

3. Separate what you think you will want to use for staging.

Have one box or bin, (or 3 if you’re silly like me) and put any decor pieces in there that you think may be useful for staging. You will not, and should not, use all of them when you do actually stage, but it’s very helpful to have all of your mercury glass and moss balls in one place.

4. Stock up on Sterilite bins. The clear ones.

They’re see-through, stackable, durable, easy to carry, and waterproof (don’t submerge them obviously as they aren’t sealed, but y’all know what I mean.) Oh, and reusable which is key!

5. Keep one box/bin separated with go-to cleaning supplies

Before and after the house is staged, this is SUPER handy, especially when showings begin. For example, in ours we put our Swiffer wet-wipes, Windex, cleaning towels, etc., so that when we had a last minute showing appointment, we didn’t have to hunt for the air freshener or counter wipes, we could just pull them from the bin and get it done. *This is also super helpful in keeping your cabinets/closets decluttered, because let’s be real, people are nosy and they will look there.

6. Make a To-Do list AND a Staging List for each room.

Before listing, when your home is listed, and during the due diligence process, organization is going to be your best friend. A to-do list of what needs to be done in each room before listing will maintain focus, and ideally prevent you from wasting time/money on extraneous projects that really weren’t necessary. More staging tips and how-to’s here and here

7. Research and meet with your realtor.

I can’t stress this one enough. If you are serious about selling your home, then you’re going to need a professional who is not only familiar with the process, but what exactly buyers are looking for currently. Otherwise, a lot of time and money may be wasted and you risk losing your home’s best chance at selling for the price you hoped. Still don’t think one is necessary? Read about How We Sold Our Home in 2 Weeks before you decide to list on your own.

Have a crucial tip you can’t imagine leaving out before listing your home? Feel free to post it in the comments below!



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Home Office Sneak Peek

Oh my gosh, we are so excited to finally be in our new home –  it’s unreal. J is over the moon about the land, whereas I am on cloud nine now thanks to my new home office. In some of my previous posts I mention the sunroom in our old condo a lot. It had a great amount of natural light which made it perfect for studying. However, it was completely open to the living room, meaning no noise separation and no ability to “put away” AKA hide my papers/binders/etc. whenever company would arrive. So, when we began looking for potential properties, a space that could be converted into a home office was at the absolute top of my list.

I’ll be sharing more as everything gets unpacked and set up, but here’s a brief sneak peek of my new home office:


Looking forward to sharing more soon!

**UPDATE: For more recent office views & links to featured items check out: Spring 2017 Home Office Tour & January 2017 Office Preview

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