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Clean Your Makeup Brushes Like a Pro

how to deep clean your makeup brushes and prevent breakouts

Oh goodness, sometimes nothing is worse than waking up with a fresh breakout or ending your day with two new “friends” on your cheek (UGH). While blemishes on the skin can be caused by a number of issues, one easy fix that is often forgotten is simply deep cleaning your makeup brushes on a regular basis. I definitely don’t mind being the first to admit that I don’t deep clean mine nearly as often as I should, so I totally understand a crazy schedule getting in the way of consistency here. Thankfully though, these 3 steps take literally less than five minutes, and if completed in the afternoon (aka after work, school, gym, etc.) your brushes will be fresh, dry, and ready-to-go by the next morning. 

For super clean brushes, I always recommend using the Daily Clarifying Shampoo by Suave, because it’s formulated in such a way that it’s gentle enough for contact with skin yet powerful enough for cleansing oily hair; essentially the perfect combo for delicate brushes covered in makeup and other unmentionable gunk. Ideally, these steps should be completed once a week, but if all else fails, at least try to use a daily cleanse spray. The one I like to use by bareMinerals is linked here

To deep clean your makeup brushes, I recommend:

Daily Clarifying Suave Shampoo

 Makeup Cleaner Silicon Finger-Glove

Tower Tree Standing Dryer

Let’s get clean!

how to really deep clean your makeup brushes

clean your makeup brushes like a pro


Step 1: Squirt the Daily Clarifying Suave Shampoo directly onto the silicon finger glove. Turn on the faucet & with the brush angled downwards, begin gently scrubbing the bristles against the glove’s ridges. For smaller brushes, focus the bristles more on the compact round ridges than the larger linear ones. 


clean your makeup brushes like a pro


Step 2: Add more shampoo if needed & continue gently scrubbing until run-off water is clear. Squeeze out excess water from bristles and place brush into the tower tree holder to dry. 



Step 3: Repeat steps 1-2 for remaining brushes & allow  at least 2 hours for the brushes to dry (as mentioned earlier, it’s usually best to clean your brushes in the evening so they have enough time to fully dry out before you need them again the next day) 



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clean your makeup brushes in 3 easy steps

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