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5 Tips to Make (and Keep!) Your New Year’s Resolutions

5 tips new years resolutions

There’s always more than one reason why a new year’s resolution may fail, and it may not even be the result of what you would think or expect. If you’re determined to keep yours this new year, but feeling a little worried as to whether or not you’ll actually be able to, begin using the five easy tips below to transform your motivation & help you meet your new year’s goals! 

1. Start Now

When it comes to resolutions, there is seriously no better time than the present to get started on what you want to change. Don’t wait until January 1st, or 5th, or 16th to get started on what you would like to see different this next year. If your resolution is one that quite literally cannot begin until the start of the new year, begin making preparations for it now. If your goal is improved fitness: Clean out your fridge, make your lists, create an organized corner with your go-to equipment and gear, and see #4 to get an accountability partner lined up – whatever you need to do to ensure that when you do start, you are equipped and ready to do so successfully.

quatrefoil bins fitness resolution

new year's fitness resolutions

2. Frame Your Resolutions with Attainable Goals

It’s great to have a longterm/ideal goal, but without attainable goals incorporated in that process, it’s often just too easy to give up and quit the whole thing. One way to avoid that is by changing how you frame what your ultimate goal actually is. For instance, if your goal is to “lose X weight,” reframe that to be “live a healthier lifestyle.” This automatically allows for a number of smaller goals that are so much easier to attain, like: (1) Exercise for 30 minutes a day; (2) Drink X amount of water; or even (3) Get into a better sleep schedule by going to bed by 10pm every night. Personally, if I have a fitness goal, I love to stick numbered post-it notes on a mirror. For each day I follow through with the plan, I get to remove one post-it. This is a visual reminder of the changes I’m making, which helps so much when the physical changes haven’t started to show yet. Plus, it’s a much healthier mindset since it allows you to be proud of your progress instead of so focused on the end result that you feel overwhelmed and disappointed when the number isn’t yet reaching what you want.

post-it note fitness help motivation

3. Create Rewards for Yourself

This tip pairs with #2 to support your motivation to keep your resolutions. Continuing with the example used in #2: Did you drink X number of water consistently 5 of 7 days this week? Great! Go get your nails done to celebrate, pick up some flowers from your local grocery store (my favorite reward!), or put on that movie you love to watch but haven’t seen in a while. Incorporate these rewards into your calendar so you know exactly when, and exactly what you have to look forward to when you meet certain goals.

new years resolutions rewards

4. Get an Accountability Partner ASAP

Whatever your resolutions for the new year may be, it can never hurt to have someone in your corner cheering you on throughout the process – reminding you why you started, especially when you lose motivation and feel like throwing in the towel. This person can be anyone from your spouse (for me, J is a great source of steady accountability), co-worker, or close friend. Whoever he or she may be, make sure you clearly communicate your personal goals, include how you are planning on reaching them, and what exactly you want that person to do/tell you when you are doing well, and when you aren’t doing so great. Everyone communicates differently, so what may feel supportive to them may not be as helpful for you – so it may be best to go over this at the start rather than after hurt feelings or miscommunications have occurred. 

5 tips to make and keep your new year's resolutions

5. Write out Daily Reminders

Never forget that you are in control of whether or not you meet these goals. If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed, write out what is in your control, and what is not. For everything that is in your control, write a single sentence of how you know you can and will handle it. For everything that is not, draw a single line through to remind yourself that your focus needs to be on what you can control rather than what you cannot. Then, at the bottom of the page, write 3 things that you are proud of or that bring you joy. It’s okay if these positive reminders repeat from the day before – what matters most is that you choose to believe and apply them.

get it girl

Whether it’s fitness or something else, any resolution is going to take time to become a consistent part of your life, so go after it and enjoy the process. This time next year, you’ll be so glad you did.

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7 Essential Wedding Planning Tips

wedding planning

You’re engaged! Congratulations! It’s supposed to be the happiest time of your life, right? Oh I know what you’re thinking… If by happiest do I mean the most stressful? Hmm, maybe 🙂  But I hope not! Remember these seven easy tips and kick all that extra stress to the curb!

1. Let’s begin! First and foremost, this is not your day.

Eek, yes, you did just read that, but hear me out…Although you have been told your entire life by the media, scary reality shows zoomed in on insane brides, and every wedding advertiser on the planet that this is your day and only yours, it simply isn’t. Weddings are about much more than the bride’s favorite flowers – they’re a celebration of a major covenant made between two people which is supported AND shared by their friends and family. Honor those other people too and don’t use this time in your life as an excuse to steamroll over every other family member or friend simply because it’s “your day.” Now, if there is a random or small detail that is actually very important to you, be honest and go for it. Just don’t hurt your relationships in the process.

2. The wedding day is exactly that, just a day. 

I was told time and time again in the days leading up to our wedding to expect at least one thing to go wrong on that day. It seems like a negative-nancy perspective to have, but ironically it brought so much freedom to how I felt waking up that morning. I chipped my french manicure on my ring finger (the only one that matters for photographs) about ten minutes after waking up, and I died laughing. If that was the worst thing that was going to happen to me that day, I was totally cool with it. The thing is, the wedding day is just a day. An awesome day, but it’s the marriage itself that matters the most.

3. Practice your hair. Practice your makeup. AND have a backup.

Whether you’re doing your own makeup/hair, or someone else is, practice! Take pictures, see what it looks like with the dress and the veil. If you are trying out different looks with a makeup artist or hair stylist, be honest about what you are comfortable with and what you aren’t. Also, if you are not doing your own hair and makeup, have a backup plan should your stylist/artist be unavailable the day of. Life happens, and people unfortunately get sick at the worst times, so avoid the potential breakdown and have a backup on call should the need arise! (Click here to find out why I chose to do my own.)

4. Give everyone in the bridal party the SPECIFIC times/places you want them to be, multiple times and in multiple formats.

Our bridal party was awesome when it came to listening and knowing where to be, but many of my friends have unfortunately not had the same level of luck. Send out the times over text, on Facebook, in an email, in person, through other people, whatever! As long as the times have been clearly laid out in multiple ways, there’s no reason why they won’t be able to be where they need to when they need to. However, if they aren’t, go back to Tip # 2!

5. Don’t wait to write the thank you notes.

For real. These notes add up quick, which is a major blessing, BUT if you wait, you will not be a happy camper. After each shower, event, special package arrives at your home, write those notes! After the wedding you will be so grateful to have 100 instead of 500 to write.

6. Utilize the Amazon wishlist for your registry 

This is something I wish we had done in addition to the standard ones. Amazon allows you to combine multiple items from multiple sites into one wish list. Convenient, easy, and fun. Plus, you can make the purchased items hidden if you don’t want to ruin the surprise for yourself.

7. Keep all the main people coordinated: Videographer, photographer, cook, planner, director, etc.

Last but certainly not least, if you are hiring multiple people, make sure they are aware! Especially when it comes to your videographer and photographer, as they are both creative services that will to a certain extent be capturing the exact same moments. Communication is key to allow both of them to do their things without overstepping one another.

You’re going to have a beautiful day, just breathe and enjoy every moment!




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