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June Instagram Roundup

Blonde Boss Babe June 2017 Instagram roundup


 Console Table | Chair


Office Chair | Leopard print Throw | Rug


Mercury Glass | Console Table | Lamp Dupe


Leaning Shelves | Pink Heels | Black Heels | Nude Heels | Blue Heels 


Tie-up Espadrille Wedges | Rug 


Diptyque Candle | Gold Paperclips


Diptyque Candle | Chanel Perfume | Marble & Gold Vanity Tray


Faux Garland | Pink Accent Roses | White Accent Rose Sprays


Metallic Gold & White Leopard Pillow | Leaning Shelves 


DIY lace floral teepee


Porcelain Plate Set Dupe | Porcelain Pitcher Dupe


Goodness gracious, y’all, with a new month came a new round of crazy schedules – funny how we always hope that the summer season will bring more rest than busyness but usually the opposite is true! In this post I’ve linked up all the details from the most popular/asked about Instagram posts from the month of June – as always, if there’s something I’ve missed that you would like more information on, feel free to comment below and I’ll add the related info to this post! July Instagram roundup coming in the next few days! 











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DIY Marble & Gold Vanity Tray

Happy February! So, y’all already know how much I love marble and gold (it’s a lot & pretty obvious), and after completing two shelves in my DIY Ikea Hyllis Hack, I wanted to make something else that would go along with the same look/style with my leftover marble adhesive. Then, I thought why not a vanity tray? In total, the whole thing takes less than an hour, is super easy to customize depending on what shape/knobs you use, and is way way less than what would be spent on the real deal = triple bonus!

To get started, you’ll need:

Wooden Plaque 

Crystal Knobs for the Feet

Gold Pulls

Marble Adhesive

Krazy Glue

Putty Knife Set (optional, but very helpful)

Step 1: Before peeling your sticker off, take your marble adhesive sticker and lay it over your wooden plaque piece to determine about how much you’ll need, and cut. The less excess you have, the easier the sticker is to work with and maneuver.

Step 2: Lay your sticker on the center of the plaque, and taking your putty knife, flatten out all of the air bubbles. Then using your putty knife again, on one side, begin adhering the sticker to the edges.

Step 3: Once you have one edge complete, it’s corner time! Based on the shape of the wooden piece I chose, this was the most “complicated” (I say that loosely) part of the whole project. To make it easier and to minimize air bubbles, use scissors to cut little slits at the center point and two side points of the corner. Then fold these pieces down and smooth them with your putty knife.

Step 4: Repeat those same set of steps on each edge and corner until the top of the piece is completely covered. Use your putty knife to smooth any bubbles that may have appeared.

Step 5: Flip your piece over and use your Krazy glue to apply the crystal knobs which will serve as the feet of the vanity tray. This glue dries super super quickly, so make sure you know exactly where you want your bases to be.  I love these crystals, because of their flat face, so the tray won’t rock back and forth.

Step 6: Once all of your knobs have dried, flip the piece back over! It’s time to add your final touch of gold hardware 🙂


Step 7: Line up your gold hardware and apply the Krazy Glue to the bottom of each pull, (not to the vanity tray directly), and set each piece where you want them on the tray.

TAH-DAH you’re done!

Now, to decide where in the house you want to use it. It’s seriously the perfect size for a little perfume display, or even as a sweet vanity tray in the bath for cotton balls and soap. Here is what I have set up on mine currently:


Supplies For This Project:


Featured Perfumes:

If you complete this project, tag me, I would love to see how you customize your marble tray!


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Home Office Sneak Peek

Oh my gosh, we are so excited to finally be in our new home –  it’s unreal. J is over the moon about the land, whereas I am on cloud nine now thanks to my new home office. In some of my previous posts I mention the sunroom in our old condo a lot. It had a great amount of natural light which made it perfect for studying. However, it was completely open to the living room, meaning no noise separation and no ability to “put away” AKA hide my papers/binders/etc. whenever company would arrive. So, when we began looking for potential properties, a space that could be converted into a home office was at the absolute top of my list.

I’ll be sharing more as everything gets unpacked and set up, but here’s a brief sneak peek of my new home office:


Looking forward to sharing more soon!

**UPDATE: For more recent office views & links to featured items check out: Spring 2017 Home Office Tour & January 2017 Office Preview

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