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Dining Room Update

dining room

Happy end of July, y’all! If you’ve been following the Blonde Boss Babe blog for a while now, then you already know just how excited I am to share this update to our dining room!

For the last 2 1/2 ¬†years, J and I have been using a table I bought during undergrad from another student. It had already been through a lot by the time it came to me, but it served its purpose and fit in our tiny condo so it worked for us. Then when we moved into the house we are in now, I really started hoping we could replace it with a set that would seat more people without overwhelming the space. Lucky enough, a local family moving across the state decided they wanted to buy all new furniture for their new home and posted this set online for a steal, which as you can see I jumped all over asap ūüôā

Right now I’m trying to decide if I want to put a rug in here or leave it as is. Let me know if you have any opinions on what I should choose! I’m currently looking at this one & this one. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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Easy DIY Bulletin Board

Lately, I’ve been a bit amazed at how much “extra” we have in the way of home decor pieces. One particular category of which is frames. I didn’t realize until we started the packing process, before our move this past summer (more on that here & here), how many extra frames we had stored. The two featured below are such good (and semi-embarrassing) examples. Both of these were purchased my junior year of undergrad at Michael’s, yet neither were ever hung. I loved the shape and style of them too much though to get rid of them, so they have survived not one, but now three moves (hence the blue tape protecting the glass) without ever being used.

Well, taste and style preferences change, and mine certainly have since my junior year at Carolina. I didn’t want to waste these frames though, so instead I decided to make one into a gold cheetah¬†bulletin board, and the other into a matching frame for my favorite Charlotte print.

For this project you’ll need the following supplies:

1 yard of your choice fabric (I used metallic cheetah in gold)

Spray Paint & Grip

Cork Board Roll & Scissors

Staple Gun

*If you don’t have any extra frames available, you can skip the spray paint portion by snagging one already in the style/color you like. I’ve linked some similar ones here &¬†here.

Step 1:¬†Remove the cardboard backing and glass from the frame. Don’t throw away the backing, we will be using it in a later step. Also, when you lift up the little tabs, try to keep them from touching any part of the frame (other than where they’re connected of course). This will help prevent them from sticking to the frame when its spray painted.

Step 2:¬†In a well-ventilated area, preferably outside, begin spraying your frame with the first coat of paint. Use smooth even strokes, covering the entire outer piece. Allow this first layer to set completely before spraying again. You may need be extra patient if your frame is plastic, as it takes a few extra rounds for the paint to appear as though it’s adhering to the piece. (One of the reasons I chose to use the chalk spray paint was that I hoped it would make these plastic frames look like wood – it totally worked!)

Step 3:¬†Once your desired coverage is reached, set aside¬†the frame to fully dry. It’s time to grab¬†your frame’s cardboard backing and cork board roll! Unroll the cork board, and line it up with the cardboard backing. Be sure to keep it taut and flat. Cut the cork to fit your¬†backing.

Step 4:¬†Using your staple gun, staple down the edges of the cork to the cardboard backing.¬†(As you can see, my backing needed extra strips of cork board, so it looks a little messy, but the fabric will cover this so don’t worry if yours looks similar to mine at this point in the project.)

Step 5: Get out your fabric, and lay the backing cork-side down. Cut the fabric to fit, leaving extra along the edges so that you can fold it down on the back. *Depending on how wrinkly your fabric is, you may want to steam it before securing it to the cork board.

Step 6:¬†Grab your staple gun¬†again and gently staple the edges of the fabric down to the cardboard side¬†of the ¬†frame backing. Take your time with this step so that you don’t end up with a massive crinkle down the middle of your new cork board.

Step 7:¬†Flip it back over, and check to make sure everything is smooth and secure. Now you’re ready to put your new¬†bulletin board into your freshly painted frame!

Step 8:¬†All you have to do now is figure out where you want it displayed ūüôā I put mine in my home office. I’m a huge fan of symmetry in interior design so both frames are to the right and left of the main window in this space.


Supplies for this Project:


Have you just completed this, or any of the other projects featured on Blonde Boss Babe? If so, tag me! I would love to see your version!

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Neutral Master Bedroom Preview

Hey y’all, and welcome back! Posts have been a little delayed here lately due to the move, but I’m excited to get everything back on track. So, today’s post is a tiny preview of our new master bedroom. We have finally upgraded from a queen-size bed to a king, and I could not be more pumped. Aside from the extra space, the tufted headboard is really what has my heart. All details are linked below ūüôā

Interested in one of the featured details? Click any of the following for its respective link and/or dupe:

Headboard;    Lamps (Less Expensive Dupes Available Here);     Duvet Cover Set with Shams; Duvet;      Ruffled Bed Skirt;    Large Throw Pillows (Original no longer available, but similar dupes available Here, Here, and Here);   Monogrammed Gold Pillow;    Faux Fur Throw Blanket (Original unavailable, dupe Here)


*See Our About Page¬†for Blonde Boss Babe’s Affiliate Link Policy and Disclosure Statement.


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