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DIY Guest Welcome Basket

Happy September, y’all! We are so pumped for the cooler weather and all that it brings! J and I love to have people over, and the fall season is ideal for creating a cozy space perfect for hosting guests.

Today I wanted to share with y’all one of our favorite things to do for overnight guests: the welcome basket. If you’ve read Make Your Home Cozier with These 3 Books  then you already know how much I love The Lifegiving Home, which is full of tips on creating a space for you and your family that your guests will love too. Part of those tips focus on how uncomfortable it can be for overnight guests to ask for certain items, like towels, shampoo, or even food. Sometimes people don’t want to impose or cause an inconvenience when it really wouldn’t be a problem at all. We have found that something as simple as this basket (original unavailable – similar ones here and here) with travel shampoo/conditioner, fresh towels (we love these from Target – so pretty!), personalized snacks, water & gatorade, has made all the difference in how welcome and cozy our guests feel coming into our home.

Putting together these baskets is super fun for the hosts too – you can be as simple or extravagant as you want, and totally personalize each item to the person who is coming to stay 🙂


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