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The Best and Easiest Kitchen Update

Hello, and welcome back! In this series of updating and staging, little hints and tips that are friendly to the wallet and easy on time are always my favorite. Today’s post is tackling one aspect of kitchens: under-cabinetry lighting. Under-cabinetry lighting is one detail that to me instantly upgrades the look, no matter how “out of date” the kitchen may seem. Not an electrical expert? Me neither! That’s the best part of this DIY project, you don’t need to be!

Here are some quick pics of the difference under cabinetry lighting can make:

It’s fantastic and so easy. Ready to get yours done? Let’s get started!

For the lights I used these from Amazon. They come in packs of three, and are available in four different colors! This is what I ordered:

Available at:
Available at:

When standing, as they are under the cabinets, you don’t see them, but if you’re feeling particular and want all the details to match precisely, by all means go for it and get whatever color works best for you and your kitchen!

Before placing the lights under the cabinets, I cleaned the area with degreaser, and made sure it was completely dry. Under each cabinet, I did two lights, set back in about the middle and equally set apart from one another. The company encloses instructions as well as to how to install them, but aside from cleaning the area you intend to place them, and putting in batteries, all you need to do is peel and stick. For real. Click on, click off. Such an easy yet impactful update. Plus, if you end up having extra lights left over, there are a ton of other areas you can use these little lights, from the pantry, to drawers, to a linen closet, they’re super versatile and user friendly.

That’s it! Hope y’all enjoyed this post 🙂sign

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