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Wreath & Ornament Christmas Centerpiece

easy glam winter centerpiece

ornaments and wreath in dining room centerpiece

ornaments in apothecary jar dining room

glam chic dining room Christmas

easy glam winter centerpiece

Happy December, y’all! The fact that it is now December, and almost 2018 is seriously blowing my mind, and I feel like I should already be thinking of new year goals but honestly I’m just trying to survive this last month of 2017! I wanted to share our quick and simple wreath and ornament Christmas centerpiece for similar reasons to the Easy Glam Halloween Centerpiece post – the winter holidays can often feel like an insane season of playing catchup to everyone else! Time seems to go by so much more quickly, and a lot of that is ideally due to super fun reasons, like holiday parties and time with friends/family, but some of it is also usually due to the fact that the sun sets at 5:30 pm (AKA the worst thing about Winter, ever).

If you’re a regular follower of Blonde Boss Babe, here are a couple quick updates that you might (hopefully) find interesting and/or like to know:

  • Blonde Boss Babe has been officially accepted to rewardStyle – meaning you can now shop all the linked Instagram/Facebook/Pinterest images & more to browse/purchase the items in my posts directly. Y’all, this is the MOST convenient thing on the planet. If you don’t have the app already, I strongly recommend downloading it – even if you don’t necessarily prefer what I personally post, there are so many amazing bloggers you can follow through the app. For instance, Morgan with Timeless Taste, has amazing home decor posts, fashion, recipes, and more for you to enjoy and browse through – I love her blog, and her instagram feed is just gorgeous – so you’ll definitely be glad you downloaded the to peruse all of her linked beauties.
  • I AM FINALLY GRADUATING LAW SCHOOL. Holla Praize, y’all. The *~SuPeR~* blessed day will be taking place December 16th and I can’t wait! Immediately after, I will begin bar exam preparation. This is a 2 month process of extremely fun isolation aka studying for the February NC Bar exam. What this means for the blog: Ironically, it means more consistent posts – I have a lot of content that has been prescheduled for this two-month period, which is actually the reason why the past couple of months have been a little bit (actually a lot) less abundant in posts. So unfortunately, what this also means is that my response time will be significantly slower for emails, comments, and the like. I definitely still encourage you to send any questions you may have about any item shared or any DIY post, but please allow me some grace in the amount of time I may take in responding 🙂

Thank you all for reading and supporting this passion of mine on this little corner of the Internet. I am so amazed by all the ways this tiny blog has grown in its first year of existence, and so unbelievably grateful for all you, without whom such growth would not have even had a chance. Looking forward to stepping into this next season with you all <3

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