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Staying Sane in a Staged Home

     Y’all… Moving is the worst in so many ways, but having to keep the house staged and impeccably clean probably beats them all. Hopefully you’ll find these tips and hints helpful as you and yours prepare to make moves. Let’s get started on what will hopefully minimize the stress and mental breakdowns (believe me, I had plenty) of living in and maintaining a staged home:

  1. Make your staging FUNCTIONAL. Here’s an example of what our countertop looks like in our Master Bathroom:

IMG_7619Now, that back glass canister is the only one not being used. (Lots of soap I know lol) Otherwise, the cotton ball, and ear swab ones get restocked every evening. Keeping the staging functional allows us to continue to live in our home without feeling like we are starting from scratch every time a last minute showing is dropped in our laps.

2. Keep some pieces NON-FUNCTIONAL. See those blue towels featured here:IMG_6843Yeah, we never used them. Yes, yes,  I know I’m the worst since I just contradicted exactly what I said in my first point, but some pieces like display towels you have purposely selected need to not be in the laundry when a potential buyer comes into your home. For us, this meant our “real” towels were kept folded in a bin in the closet. Time to shower? Go grab one out of the bin, NOT from your staged area. We applied this same rule of thumb with our hand towels:

IMG_7620Whenever a last minute showing is scheduled, you need all the time you can get to freshen things up, and you’ll be thankful for one less thing to do, or rather, fold.

3. Keep all of your primary cleaning supplies for showings in the SAME Sterilite container. More on why I love those to come in a later post. Once again, time is EVERYTHING. The less running around you have to do to find where your Windex is, the better.

4. Make your Master Staging Checklist, and keep it in your Moving Binder. Haven’t made one yet? Check back here soon, I’ll be posting free downloads and examples of what ours looks like

5. The ultimate way to stay sane is to make it a family effort. Between all of the cleaning, packing, and stress, it’s way too much to do on your own. Figure out ways you and your spouse, and/or kids can contribute, even if it’s just thirty minutes out of the day. That will make a huge difference.

Even the pup can help 🙂

Deep breaths, you’ve got this.


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