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How We Sold Our Home in 2 Weeks

Welcome back! The funny thing about the amount of time a home is on the market before it goes under contract, is that it doesn’t account for the amount of time spent prepping for its sale.

What do I mean?

We sold our condo a little over two weeks after it was officially listed on the market. However, we had been preparing for its listing for about three months prior. While I’ll be sharing more on that process in other posts, in this one I want to primarily focus on the time it was on the market. I am certain our listing sold so quickly because of three key things:

1. Cleanliness

2. Staging

3. Our Realtor

I’ll start with the Clean factor. Let’s be real, it’s stressful as all to clean to the level needed for showings, but it’s so worth it. No one likes the idea of coming into a home that feels icky, much less potentially purchasing it. Will your toothpaste splattered mirrors completely throw a buyer off? Maybe not entirely, but there is definitely a subconscious sense that the property is worth less due to the mess. That’s the exact feeling you don’t want to convey. So, try your best to stay motivated and bust out the Clorox every day. It will pay off, I promise.

The staging concept relates directly to the cleanliness factor. You want your buyer to walk into your home and not only see themselves there, but see themselves enjoying life there. Play up your strengths! For instance, we had a sunroom with a ton of natural light that I used as a home office. However,  I really wanted the space to be a focal point of the condo, so I removed everything school related and made it a cozy, bright sitting room. Based on the feedback we received, this part of the condo was a huge hit.

Last but certainly not least is our final and most significant factor in how we were able to sell so quickly: our realtor. Karin Head with Keller Williams Realty Elite consulted with us before any staging, any renovations, and before any updates took place. This was so helpful in more ways than one in assessing what would be most cost-effective, impactful, and beneficial for us to invest our time and money into changing before listing the property. Karin and her team also utilized a stellar photographer, whose work featured our condo in the best way possible on every major property platform online. Through Karin and her team’s work, we were so well prepared once our property was listed, that selling in such a short amount of time was truly a celebration rather than an additional “OMG this is really happening” stressful occurrence. We strongly recommend her and her team to anyone who is even considering purchasing or selling a home.

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