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Bathroom Vanity Staging Tips

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Welcome back! Whether you’re getting ready to list your home on the market or have important guests coming to stay, knowing how to stage your space is super important. I am in no way, shape, or form an expert on the matter, but I’ve found a few tips and tricks along the way that I hope will be helpful to you as well.

As I mentioned in How to Stay Sane in a Staged Home, separating what pieces you want to be functional versus which pieces you can leave as non-functional for you and your family is crucial to not only staging well, but also to saving you time and anxiety when a potential buyer is arriving in an hour and you just got notified. This post is connected to a whole series of staging tips, which will all be published soon!


      In the Master Bathroom specifically, it’s important to showcase three things: Size; Value; and Light

      So what does that mean exactly? Well for starters, it means take everything off your countertops, and off your walls if you haven’t already. Before beginning to stage anything, you will need to go through your drawers/cabinets and purge what you don’t need, what is out of date, and what can be packed (at least temporarily during showings). You will also need to have cleaned like you have never cleaned before. We’re talking grout, finger prints on doors, scuffs on walls, etc., etc., etc…  It’s so easy to get lazy when it comes to staging, but don’t let yourself. It’s so much better to be done with the process of selling  your home in under a month, than to have your home sit longer than expected simply because you didn’t want to clean out your medicine cabinet. (Y’all, people are crazy. Watch HGTV and you’ll see how nosy and snoopy everyone is when viewing a potential home.)


Size and light work together to make a potential buyer feel as though the space he or she just entered into is of higher value. Color does as well. It was recommended to us to use a soft aqua shade of blue to enhance the “spa” feeling. Granted, our outdated faucet is totally beacon that points in the opposite direction, but the dang thing was incorrectly soldered into the pipes by the person who lived here before us so that was one project we weren’t about to hop on for this round. Back to the matter at hand though, little imperfections like that are less noticeable when the space itself is overall enjoyable. →Be sure to check your hardware and make sure it matches, i.e. knobs, towel holder, switch plate, etc., before making any other changes.


Keeping with the theme of space and value, the glass jars don’t visually block off the counter space, allowing us to continue with the “spa” feeling without losing out on other features. In addition to that, the items we chose to put in the jar don’t retract from the space either. Cottonballs, swabs, and white bars of soap all continue with the theme of light and airy. Remember, less is more in this case. Staging ≠ Decorating.

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*Notice what is NOT present on the countertop though…? No toothbrush, no toothpaste, no contacts, no actual personal care items at all. When they’re yours, they’re not gross, but when they aren’t yours, it’s just kind of icky. You don’t want your buyer to have that feeling. They need to be thinking about how much they love the space and can see themselves there, rather than all the germs hanging out on your toothbrush.


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